The Unico System ducts are the small black circles on the ceiling.

Many Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners are looking for a heating and cooling system that delivers comfort without oversized ductwork. The Unico System’s high velocity air handlers deliver conditioned air quietly through small discreet ducts. The size of the ducting — 2.5 inches — allows for more design flexibility in log homes, especially those using Katahdin’s Energy Envelope System.

How Does High Velocity HVAC Work?
We spoke with Dylan Beauregard, Inside Sales & Technical Support, to learn how Unico’s efficient system works. Unico uses modular air handlers to connect to a heat pump, hybrid heat pump, hot water coil, boiler, furnace or geothermal system —whatever the heating and cooling source is. The Unico air handler is installed in the basement or attic area and is then ducted to supply the dwelling. The small-diameter ductwork is attached to a main trunk or plenum originating at the air handler unit. The air is distributed at roughly double the velocity of a traditional forced air system, providing a responsive and targeted comfort.

High Velocity Yet Super Quiet
The small diameter ductwork that delivers air to each port uses at least 3 feet of sound attenuator flexible stock. This dampens the audible portion of the high velocity distribution and provides an ultra-quiet comfort thought the home. The air handling system is sized to support 6 to 8 outlets per ton of cooling, with more outlets diminishing the sound of airflow.

Variable Speed Fans for High Efficiency
The Unico system utilizes variable speed fans to respond with just the right amount of air flow. Traditional furnaces often run a binary on-off blower which blows full speed until the temperature is reached, then stops. With variable fan speed the air handler reacts to smaller degree differences and pushes out just enough heated or cooled air to maintain a set point.

Zoned Heating & Cooling
The Unico System is also well-designed for zoned heating and cooling, using zone dampers linked to separate thermostats. The system provides excellent options to maintain comfort and efficiency year-round.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
The Unico System warms the air using a closed system within your home, so it preserves comfortable humidity that is often lost with tradition hot forced air systems. Unico Air handlers can be equipped with a purifying ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses as the air is circulated. The system also tackles allergies with a hospital grade MERV-13 air filter that stops particles as small as 3 microns.

To locate a Unico Preferred Contractor, use their search tool  on the company website.