Residential food waste handling has come a long way from the original trash compactor — once skeptically described as an appliance that turns 30 pounds of garbage into 30 pounds of garbage. Today’s home likely separates trash into recyclables and non-recyclables, and returnable or deposit bottles and cans. Many homes recycle their food waste into compost piles or compost bins. This directs food waste streams away from landfills and provides useful fertilizer for the garden.

The big drawback to traditional composting is that it takes time to create a useful fertilizer. One new appliance promises to turn a week’s worth of food waste into recycled compost in just 24 hours, though a fully automated process. The Zera™ Food Recycler is a product of Whirlpool’s WLabs.

The appliance reduces kitchen food waste by more than 65% of its volume resulting in ready-to-spread fertilizer in just a day’s time. The process is easy, odorless and can even be started and monitored through a smart phone app. The Zera comes with HEPA carbon filters to keep the process under wraps. Though not yet available in the open market, the units are available for pre-order for October delivery, along with air filters and additives to speed the process.