Hammocks are a true definition of relaxation on a summer’s day. Hammocks are also a natural for a log home porch, deck or yard. Hammocks offer up a refuge to read, listen to the birds or dream away.

Log home owners seem to like traditional classics, and so we start with the classic Pawley’s Island rope hammocks, handcrafted by the same company for 125 years. The story goes that a retired sea captain needed a comfortable sleeping spot and developed a modified version of a seaman’s canvas hammock, but made with soft cotton rope in place of hard scratchy canvas. The open rope design was perfect for the sultry hot nights in South Carolina, and so a new tradition started.

Pawley’s Island Rope Hammocks are still handcrafted with modern improvements including heavy duty chain, and screw in eyebolts for hanging. The hammocks can support 450 pounds, and the oak spreader bars are dipped in marine varnish for long-lasting wear. The company has also developed several variations including a colorful striped canvas hammock, woven microfiber, and ventilated poolside hammock.

When attaching the eyebolts you’ll want to select a sturdy hardwood post or tree, but don’t attach it to the logs of the log wall to avoid water infiltration and damage to the outer shell of your home. One way around a permanent installation is to add a hammock stand to the package. Freestanding hammock stands disassemble into four manageable pieces, and are sturdy and stable when outfitted with the hammock.

Brazilian-style hammocks are modeled after the original boat hammocks with no spreader bars at either end. These hammocks wrap the user into a comfy embrace and are often fashioned of lightweight colorful fabrics. Other Brazilian hammocks are hand-woven from hemp and often feature fringes or lacy extensions along the length of the hammock. These are typically hung a bit higher than the woven rope hammocks to accommodate the sag under load.

Other sources for hammocks, including the camping supplier REI, offer hammocks that are designed for outdoor camp sleeping, but with their safety straps may be a better option for expanding sleeping areas on screened porches in vacation