Much as we’d like to resist, the home office space has become an important element to the modern home. So how do you carve out a home office that will keep you productive and happy? We take a look at features you should consider for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home’s home office space.

Natural light
Nothing is more detrimental to productivity than a windowless office space. While it’s probably not a great idea to have walls of windows —too distracting!— making sure there are well-placed windows can add to the appeal of your workspace.

Good lighting and air flow
Make sure you install both ceiling and desk illumination to provide the proper amount of light both day and night. Consider a ceiling fan-light combination to handle air movement and general ambient light. A desk or floor lamp can provide brighter lighting to writing areas.

If your goal is to accomplish a full list of tasks at home, consider adding extra insulation to interior walls. This extra layer of soundproofing can keep unexpected outside noises —dogs barking, children playing, loud televisions—from intruding on your professional space.

Include a door
Whether open glass, French doors or solid sliding barn doors, the office door signals that you need space to do your work. In addition to the soundproofing, doors can also cut down on outside noise interfering with your work.

Convert the formal dining room
With today’s more casual open concepts, the formal dining room makes a great location in an existing floorplan design for home office space. Some of the benefits include:

  • good proximity to main areas of the home
  • large enough for a good desk, a seating area and storage
  • maximizes space that would otherwise not be used.

Temperature controls
Remember when you worked in a standard office? The heat or AC never seemed right — too hot made you sleepy; too cold was just too cold. Making your office a separate zone can provide the optimum temperature for you when you’re hard at work. One easy fix is to have a dedicated mini-split heat pump for your office.

Consider a multi-level workspace
For added health benefits, consider setting your office up with a standing desk. After all ,sitting at your desk all day is just as bad at home as it is at your job. Make sure you have seating with a writing surface for conference calls, or when you need to take notes or organize materials.