If your family conducts daily thermostat wars, then programmable home zoning may be the economical answer for your new log icomforthome. More than just separate thermostats for areas of your home, these electronic systems feature ways to direct conditioned air away from rooms that are unoccupied or unused to areas where your family is spending time.

Home zoning may come as an additional option for your home’s heating and cooling system. These zoning systems integrate seamlessly with the operation of a furnace, boiler, heat pump or central air conditioning. The zoning system can maintain a steady temperature throughout your home or keep one room cool and another one warm. Zoning systems are super upgrades for seasonal homes, or ones where several guest bedrooms only need to be heated and cooled during visits.

Lennox offers their iComfort system (above) as a way to monitor and control your home’s comfort from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection and a smart phone app. The system features a touchscreen that doubles as a weather station. The monitoring of the outside temperature regulates the operation of the furnace, which saves energy dollars by only heating or cooling based on the weather outside. The touchscreen also offers a one-touch “away” function: press it before leaving to initiate economy heating and cooling modes. A single touch upon your return will reactivate normal programmed heating and cooling schedules.honeywell

Honeywell also features wireless zoning systems using their Focus PRO thermostats that communicate with zoning equipment via its Redlink operating system. Their Redlink operation integrates with other Honeywell components including ventilation, indoor air quality filtration and other heating and cooling appliances.

No matter how your new Katahdin log home is heated and cooled, you’ll want to check out the zoning system options with your HVAC contractor.