Designing energy efficiency into your Katahdin Cedar Log Home just got a little easier for rooftop solar arrays, especially if aesthetics is  a key consideration.   Certainteed Solstice® Shingles won the prestigious “Best in Show” and  “Best Energy Efficient Products” in the International Builders Show held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Building on Beauty
For some homeowners the looks of solar arrays don’t match their vision of a rustic contemporary cedar log home. The Solstice Solar shingle integrates seamlessly with architectural asphalt shingle roofs to gather solar energy in place of panels installed on a metal frame over the shingled roof.  The extremely low-profile solar shingles provide an unbroken visual on the surface of the roof.

Sleek Shingles Provide Robust Power
Measuring 46.79 inches by 16.91 inches, each shingle is rated for 70W of power. The solar shingles are rated for production and warrantied for 25 years, which melds well with the average lifecycle of asphalt roof shingles.

Skip the Solar Installation Line
With increasing demand for solar energy upgrades, the wait for solar panel installations is often prohibitive for many building schedules. Solstice® Shingles are designed for easy installation by traditional certified roofing crews, saving time and specialized installation rates. Your electrician can complete the wiring necessary for the system to your electrical panel and inverter.

Top Level Impact, Rain and Wind Resistance
Taking on the demands of more sustainable building trends, Solstice Shingles are rated for impact and wind resistance, with a 10-year, 110mph limited wind warranty.  The shingles are also engineered to be watertight, with raised fastener locations and water channels to direct rain and avoid intrusion. Certainteed has a century of roofing experience, so their solar shingle designs reflect the basic principle of keeping the elements out of your home.

Invest in Solar to Access Generous Tax Rebates
The Inflation Reduction Act provides 30% tax credits solar shingles and panels and labor for installation through 2032. These credits can be carried over to the following year if the entire amount is not credited. Filling out IRS Form 5695 will allow the taxpayer to apply the credit to taxes in the year installed. A new form is required each year of tax credit carryover.

The solar energy industry keeps evolving and improving, making solar power a smart choice for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home.