Wine labels are artworks surrounding the winemakers art. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy the stunning and whimsical labels on your favorite wines while safely and conveniently storing them in the optimal horizontal position? Vintageview’s wine storage systems have taken this approach to heart with their wall-mounted and floating rack systems.

How does it work?
From the smallest to the most impressive wine collection, Vintageview has a system to accommodate your wine, with the label displayed in full view. Their systems are modular and can expand to meet your growing interests in vintages from around the world.

Free-standing or Wall-mounted Options
Their Evolution series wine racks are available as wall-mounted or freestanding units. Their sleek, black metal components work well with interior spaces of contemporary Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Because of their minimalist design, the Evolution series can display multiple wine bottles without visually overwhelming the bottles or the space. With its open design, Evolution wine racks can hold standard 750 ml bottles, as well as champagne and magnum sizes.

Modular Designs
Wall mounted columns can be configured as one-, two- or three-bottles wide and as tall as desired. Each cradle can be configured to hold a single bottle or as many as three deep.  For example: a three-column, three-deep configuration can store 84 bottles. The Vintageview advantage is the ability to easily expand the wine bottle capacity by expanding from single to three deep on the same wall mounted frame. One interesting way to set up the Evolution wall-mounted columns is in descending heights under a floating staircase, making creative use of an often-underused space.

Vintageview also offers freestanding units housed in a clear, acrylic cases, to help to keep the bottles dust free. When considering a free-standing unit, it’s important to note that the enclosure will limit the expansion capacity for bottles.

Vintageview also offers design services to create the wine cellar or display of your dreams.