So what happens when you take more than four decades of log home construction technology and reimagine how a log home might look in a more contemporary setting? We have the answer, and it’s Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes: all the benefits of whole log homes, without the traditional rustic appearance.
Arborwall logs

This is a new custom-built option that moves the traditional log constructed home into the realm of modern design, with clean lines, open interiors and fresh exteriors. Arborwall mixes centuries-old construction techniques with modern precision manufacturing and a sustainable, energy efficient mindset.Using the milling and construction techniques honed by sister company Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, Arborwall is able to combine whole log construction and stability with high-efficiencArborwall logoy insulation and a myriad of options for finishing the interior walls. This ability to use Northern White Cedar’s natural low-moisture qualities provides a finished home that is technologically and aesthetically more complete than a log-sided, traditionally-framed home.

According to Arborwall’s Gabe Gordon, “Some of our customers truly wanted the benefits of a log home’s solid craftsmanship, but were not building in an area where a traditional log home was allowed.” Some homeowners’ neighborhoods needed a more contemporary approach to blend into suburban settings.Arborwall interior whitewash “From these customer desires–as well as our own belief that log construction could be reimagined in a fresh and exciting way–Arborwall was born,” Gordon explained. The exterior of the logs are planed to mimic a clapboard-style face, rather than a rounded or flat profile, allowing the log constructed home to blend into familiar urban and suburban settings.

“Arborwall is not entirely new to the Northern New England market,” said Gordon. “Over the past two years, we have been designing and constructing these innovative log constructed homes on a limited basis, while we develop the marketing for a nationwide launch, featuring advertising in this month’s Log Home Living.”

Arborwall, like Katahdin’s primary product line of traditional log homes, takes a custom-designed and personalized approach that features the open, purlin and truss-style interior spaces. The Arborwall format allows for alternative interior finish work using traditional cedar paneling, drywall, stone, tile or other available materials.

Each Arborwall home is designed Arborwall cornerbased on the customer’s own ideas, and basic styles are available as a starting point. “We are happy to work with a third-party architect or designer to ensure sound translation into the whole log format,” Gordon added. The design for each home is versatile and can incorporate numerous elements, both locally sourced and manufactured, to complete the homeowner’s vision.

With construction nearing completion on several Arborwall homes this fall, we expect to have more photos and an expanded number of designs for our customers to work from. We’ve included a few select photos of completed homes here. To request more information, please fill out the form below or visit