Already a Home Owner?

The Federal Stimulus Package can also work in your favor—especially if you need to sell your present home. Many first-time homebuyers are actively looking, hoping to take advantage of the Federal Stimulus Package tax rebate of up to $8,000. Once the tax credit expires, many of these homebuyers will most likely return to a holding pattern, waiting to buy at more favorable terms.

Market Your Home to First-time Homebuyers
Reach out to first-time homebuyers who are anxious to qualify for the Federal Stimulus Tax Credit. Contact your broker to begin a more active marketing program. One way to advance the sale of your existing home would be to reduce the asking price by 5% or more and advertise your home to target first-time home buyers. Reducing your asking price for a quick sale can be counter-balanced with Katahdin’s Spring Hammer-Ready Promotion, if you are able to act soon.

Here’s how Spring Hammer-Ready Promotion works:
Select one of the 500+ plans from our website,, or from the Katahdin Plan Book and you’ll qualify for a 12% discount on your package if you make a deposit by April 15, 2009***. The qualifying package must be purchased with no changes, additions or modifications, to keep the project on track for completion by November 30. The Hammer-Ready Promotion 12% discount expires on April 15, 2009 and may be withdrawn at any time. Contact your Katahdin Dealer or Representative for more details.

****If you can’t act that quickly, we’ll still offer you an 8% discount on your Hammer-Ready package if you make a deposit by June 15, 2009. Terms and conditions above apply.