Log homes can feel darker on the inside, which is why lighting and windows play an oversized role in them. Interiors can become too monochromatic with wood walls ceilings and floors, so it’s a good idea to break up the brown tones with selected color accents. One surprising new place for color infusion is the kitchen. In most homes, kitchens can be the showplace of fine wood cabinetry. In a log home, sometimes the wood cabinets can blend into the surrounding log walls and diminish the overall impact. As a result, many log home owners are applying bold color combinations in the kitchen.log home kitchen design idea

Select a Palette

Identify the color tones of your interior finished walls first. If you’re leaving them natural with a polyurethane finish, you can work with brighter blocks of color in the kitchen, including the log home kitchen colorcabinetry. If your furnishings in adjacent rooms include a dominant color theme, include colors from the same side of the color wheel or choose complimentary colors from the opposite side of the wheel. For example, wood colors tend to draw from the warm side of the wheel with oranges, browns, and golden colors. Colors from nature seem to work best with the natural tones of wood, including deep reds, greens, yellows and blue s.

Countertops, tile, light fixtures and seating can all add colors to define and amplify the design of a log home kitchen. Major appliances can provide balance with either black, stainless or some of the newer appliance colors in some brands. Some log home owners opt for a “statement” color by selecting a boldly enameled stove as a centerpiece, around which more muted tones can be incorporated.

Another option for the kitchen in a log home is to go with a whitewashed finish on the walls. This fresh look can provide an open canvaslog home kitchen concept to include a wide array of color combinations. Cabinets can take on subtle, cool hues and tiles can splash a bright counter beat. White appliances can work quite well in this option.

Color Accents

Another way to make log home kitchens stand out is log home kitchen design accentsthrough brightly colored accessories. A collection of blue Delftware or teapots can provide colorful accents on an upper display shelf. Some owners hunt for antique or collectible advertising and signs from restaurants or grocery stores for a food-themed, fun display. Select a single high-impact sign and build around those colors for great effects.

There are so many options to introduce colors into kitchens and transform them into lively and welcoming spaces! See more log home design inspiration in our kitchen photo gallery.