Lofts are such cost-effective ways to add living area to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. That’s why we love this innovative loft balcony that opens your loft up to the outdoors. The Velux Cabrio Loft Balcony is easy to operate and has some great features that make it a perfect addition to your loft design.

Fresh Air and a Bit of Romance
When opened, the Cabrio Loft Balcony windows fold out, with the upper window locking into a horizontal position for shelter, and the lower window locks vertically as a barrier with integrated railings on either side. Measuring around 100 inches tall, these balconies add a dramatic vista to any loft area.

A Skylight that Transforms Itself
When closed, the Velux Loft Balcony fits snugly flush with the roof and functions like a skylight. The Loft Balcony units are available with ThermoTechnology™, which is a Low E triple pane glazing that provides high energy efficiency. Velux offers their No-leak Promise, with three levels of leak protection including deck seal, adhesive underlayment and specially engineered flashing. The windows also feature a unique built-in filtered air flow option that allows fresh, filtered air to flow in while the window is closed—just pull the unique top control bar. The company also markets roller blinds that fit neatly within the frames of the balcony windows, as well as other remote operation controls.

Velux offers great guarantees: a 10-year installation warranty plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on product, and 5 years on blinds and controls.

If you’re considering adding a Cabrio Loft Balcony to your Katahdin log home loft, make sure you alert the design team, so they can ensure it fits seamlessly into your building plans.