Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners who have a keen eye for design will love the functional and durable Sigmafocus outdoor grill. Outdoor grilling fans who want cooking convenience without the hulk of the typical outdoor grill will enjoy the way the Sigmafocus grill folds up and out of the way when not in use.

Formed, Not Stamped
Unlike other steel grilling products, the Sigmafocus is designed for lasting use. It’s 3mm thick steel bowl is created using metal spinning over a custom wooden mold to ensure the three-dimensional stability of the bowl. Assembly is completed with invisible, grinded welds for a clean, quality finish. The completed grill is primed with zinc then sprayed with anti-corrosive paint. The finish can withstand 750º F and has a 2-year guarantee.

Great Grilling
Sigmafocus is installed on a wall by two anchor points on the round fire shield that protects the surface from smoke. The grill has several cooking heights to achieve the perfect grilled steak chicken or veggies. A generous ashpan allows for several uses before needing to be emptied.

Fold Up for More Space
The unique feature is the ability to fold Sigmafocus away on a wall, allowing the area to be used for seating or access. The folded Sigmafocus profile is a contemporary clean look. No need to struggle with grill covers, pushing out of the way or storing in the garage where space is often at a premium.

For quality workmanship and grilling on a minimalist scale, the Sigmafocus delivers!