If you’ve never built a log home before there can be a lot of questions—how much house can I get with my budget, how will my ideas come together, how will the house look? Pulling all these elements together can be challenging, but Katahdin’s expertise and years of experience can help take some of the guesswork out of your decision. That’s why we provide our customers with preliminary plans without requiring a deposit.

Your dealer or sales representative can help you get your ideas and needs organized and prioritized, and provide a price quote based on your parameters. Once the quote is reviewed and accepted, your dealer  or sales representative can begin to translate your ideas into a preliminary sketch.

Sharpen your Pencils!
One of the most enjoyable parts of the journey to your log home is translating all your ideas into a sketch and, ultimately, a set of preliminary plans. A preliminary set of plans includes a floorplan and elevations, but not the detailed blueprints necessary for the actual construction of your log home.  It is also advisable to meet with your dealer on the lot or parcel on which you plan to build. There may be adjustments and revisions that need to be included in the sketches so that the design will fit the land and maximize the setting.

Perhaps you’ve gathered together photographs from magazines, or have browsed through the Katahdin’s Plan Finder  on the website and identified the style and configuration you envision for your own log home. You’ll know how many bedrooms, baths and other details you need to meet your lifestyle.

Though many of Katahdin’s customers use one of the more than 500 plans we’ve designed to date, many will take a plan and add or modify it to meet their own vision and needs. Because Katahdin has a professional in-house design team home buyers can find that this preliminary process is streamlined for them.

It’s also important to design to fit the budget parameters you’ve determined. That’s why we believe that you need to have a set of preliminary plans to work with. Then, in addition to feeling confident about your design, you can also have the materials to take to your bank or mortgage lender, town office or permitting authority and other entities.

The preliminary plan process may take some time, as additional information may be needed to adjust the plans to fit the buyer’s desires. Once the preliminary plans are approved, your dealer can draw up a contract and accept the deposit or down payment. You’ll have a set of preliminary plans and elevations to secure financing permits and approvals.  The dealer will pass the preliminary plan for scheduling and production.  Then the work begins on drawing up the actual building plans with the details necessary to complete your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home.