What can a voice-controlled faucet do? An amazing number of things, it turns out. Smart faucets are here and with them the ability to dispense water in precise amounts at specific temperatures. There are a handful of entries in this category, so we took a look at all the options.

U by Moen Smart Faucet
This smart faucet seems to be one of the most advanced of the options. It offers customizable settings and personalized commands that include measuring out specific amounts and temperatures just using your voice. The faucet measures in tablespoons, milliliters, ounces, quarts and gallons. This faucet also has no-touch on/off controls and a manual handle. The U by Moen smartphone app can also control actions for the faucet. For touchless operation, this faucet offers plenty of interesting options including a timed dispensing of warm water to ensure you wash your hands for a complete 20 seconds. The U by Moen line features a baker’s dozen of styles with pull down sprays and seven finishes to choose from.

Delta Voice IQ
This faucet operates without a smartphone app. Homeowners set the faucet up using the Delta website and adjust controls through that medium. Like the other smart faucets, it can deliver precise measured amounts and temperatures. The most useful difference is this system’s ability to recognize fractions. Anyone who has tried to convert 1 2/3 cups into fluid ounces will appreciate this feature! Delta’s Voice IQ doesn’t require a new model, it works with any Delta Touch20® Faucet manufactured after January 1, 2018. It uses a Voice IQ module, Alexa or google assistant home Wi-Fi for electronics. It also requires a dedicated electricity source under the sink that’s not tied to an on/off switch.

Kohler’s Sensate Faucet
Kohler’s entry into voice-controlled faucets is a bit more basic. The Sensate voice control is able to dispense in specific amounts, but fractions need to be converted to decimal. Also, the temperature control is limited to the temperature set on the manual handle. The Kohler Konnect app forms the home base for this smart faucet, along with other Kohler products in the home. There you can set up presets for your faucet, like 16 ounces for the coffee pot.

As with any technical product, it may pay to let manufacturers work out some of the kinks, before investing, though upgrades to software are likely easy to handle.