If you’re searching for a quiet and unobtrusive garage door opener, then Genie’s new smart Wall Mount Garage Door opener is a great choice.

How Does it Work?
The Wall Mount Door Opener mounts on the wall and attaches directly to the door’s spring tube. This design eliminates the rail and power head design, with no chains or belts. The unit’s sleek design and easy-to-reach emergency release makes it a great choice for any garage.

Compact Design
The Genie Wall Mount Door Opener can fit in tight side wall spaces and allows for installation in areas with low beam clearance. Its compact but powerful 24V motor lifts quickly with speeds up to 7.5 inches per second. For garage spaces situated under living areas, the unit’s quiet operation keeps noises to a minimum when operating.

Intelligent Features
Stop thieves from accessing the garage with Genie’s Intellicode security. The Genie Sense remote diagnostics and monitoring system keeps the system up and running, with a slack cable detection and soft Start & Stop controls. The wall mounted controls work wirelessly so no extra wiring necessary. Its Bluetooth-operated LED ceiling fixture still shines a welcoming light upon entering the garage. Each 6170 unit contains integrated Aladdin Connect smart garage connectivity for remote smartphone operation, as well as battery backup for power outages.