Just when you thought you had solar figured out, someone creates a smarter, more efficient system. For Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners committed to solar powered electric homes, the SolarEdge home energy system links solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and solar batteries together into a unified, optimized system.

Start with Solar Panels
When Solar Edge Power Optimizers are connected to each solar panel, energy output is maximized despite shading, soiling or other factors. This helps extend energy production over your solar system’s lifetime.

Solar Inverter Makes Power Accessible
The Solar Edge Power Inverter is the brains of the system, converting direct current produced by the panels into alternating current for household use. This hub also tracks consumption and interfaces with storage batteries and EV charging to ensure the best energy flow to each component.

Yes, There’s an App for That!
The Solar Edge system app puts all your home’s power information into one easy-to-access smartphone app. Monitor energy production, storage, consumption and panel performance from anywhere! You’ll be able to spot a poorly performing panel or identify possible storm or rodent damage before it’s easily visible from the ground. After all, your home is likely getting smarter, shouldn’t your energy system be smarter, too?