If you’re considering investing in photovoltaic solar panels on your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home, you may want to consider a metal roof system in place of traditional shingles. Any southerly-facing roof is the first-choice location for solar arrays, as it is structurally sound and allows for easier access to domestic electrical distribution. What are the benefits of pairing these two? Here are five reasons to opt for metal roof systems paired with solar panels.

  • Durability — Most metal roof systems carry extended warranties 40-60 years, and come pre painted in a wide range of colors.
  • Panel Rails — These solar panel rails clip onto the raised seams found on most traditional metal roof systems. The rails allow for easier installation of the photovoltaic panels and fewer penetrations through the roof to attach the array.
  • Inverter Options — Panels can be set up for hobby installations using micro inverters installed in series, which simplify electrical design because the micro inverters convert the DC current to household standards right at the solar panel site. A single string inverter inside the home draws all the DC current into the house in one location where it converts to household voltage, and will offer more power than the micro inverters. The string inverter is less vulnerable to damage inside the house.
  • Expansion Potential — The clip-on rails allow for easier expansion of the solar array, should electrical demand increase, or supplemental utility sourced electricity increases in price.
  • Low Maintenance — Most modern PV solar panels come with 20- to 30-year lifespans. A 15-year shingle roof will likely need to be replaced before the solar panels reach the end of life. A metal roof with a longer lifespan (up to 50 years) will outlast the solar panels before they need replacement or upgrading.