Your backyard pool is such a great space for relaxing and family fun. But it does occupy a lot of backyard real estate! One space maximizing solution is a S-Lide Sliding Pool Deck Cover by Cover Dream. This innovation is a solid, motorized pool cover that is also a functional deck. Just press a button and the pool deck cover slides over the open water.

Recapture Precious Backyard Space
No matter what size your pool is, one downside is the loss of yard for entertaining and relaxing when not swimming. The S-Lide Sliding Pool Deck Cover reclaims that pool area and provide a safe surface for seating, dining and relaxing.  In the off season, this rolling deck pool cover allows total use of your yard, the safety of a solid structure. The cover also cuts down on spring clean-up by keeping leaves and debris from falling into the pool. For added safety, this solid deck pool cover keeps kids and pets from accidentally falling in when closed.

Two Configurations
Cover Dream offers two options for their deck covers— either one panel over the pool width or two panels covering the pool from opposite ends of the pool and meeting in the middle. The deck frame is ready to customize with decking material to match other deck areas in your yard.

Energy Efficiency on Many Levels
The cover minimizes pool evaporation saving water and eliminating the need for constant topping up and chemical adjustments. The motorized cover is solar powered to keep power bill down. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this nifty product was a finalist for the 2024 IBS Best Outdoor Product!