Katahdin Cedar Log HOmes Steam punk design“Steam Punk” is an interior design style that adds late 19th and early 20th-century mechanical or industrial items to accent décor. Steam punk design can be found in lighting, furniture artworks or areas like railings. The pieces are often metal— steel, tin or cast iron— and recall the machine age where inventors were designing great forms in everyday articles.

Steam punk has emerged into mainstream design and often features pipes or metal fittings from the factory floor or the farmstead. For practical purposes, homeowners planning to add steam punk details to their log homes can accomplish the look without too much fuss. The look is both whimsical and clean while providing an interesting contrast to contemporary log home décor.

Katahdin & Arborwall steam punk decorBlack or distressed metal finishes
Modern metal accessories in homes can contribute to a steam punk appearance when in a matte black finish. Choose sink fixtures in black with vintage styling and pair with a stainless deep sink in the kitchen. Pendant light fixtures or dining area chandeliers can also make a steam punk statement with a modern take on industrial lighting using metal shades or pipefittings. The effect is playful yet utilitarian.

Mechanical Clockworks
With its interconnecting sprockets and mechanical ingenuity, clockworks as a design detail can enhance a steam punk décor. Artwork using mechanical devices from an earlier era can create an interesting focal point for both form and funkiness.Katahdin and Arborwall steam punk decor

Steel Plated Purlins
In some Arborwall homes, owners have opted for black painted steel plates to bolt the purlin trusses together, instead of a more traditional mortise and tenon construction. These plates can add a contemporary focal point that adds drama to the vaulted ceilings within the home.