Thanks to our readers for participating in our quick survey last month! Of the respondents, 73% agreed that there is a difference between a “log cabin” and a “log home,” while 9.3% felt there was no difference, with the remaining respondents having no opinion.

When asked, respondents described “log cabins” as being smaller, under 1200 square feet, for vacations or seasonal use, and simple/basic/rustic/quaint. Most people described “log homes” has being larger, “home,” year-round, and having more amenities, like large windows and fireplaces.

We counted descriptive phrases and words in your written answers explaining the difference and tallied how many times they were repeated. Here are the top descriptor results:

Log Cabin — Small (41); vacation/seasonal (18); under 1200 square feet (13); weekend (13); and rustic/quaint (12)

Log Home — Larger (19); full-time/year-round (13); “home” (10); more amenities (6), more/larger windows (5); modern/contemporary (5); over 1200 square feet (5); “live in” (5); family (5).

We’ll be asking your opinions again soon.  Thank you to those who answered April’s Survey!