Some of the newest looks in kitchen and bath hardware faucets, handles and other tub and sink applications are finished in matte black. It’s a smart, fresh look and we think it pairs exceptionally well with a log home interior design.

There are a couple of secrets to making black faucets work. First, make sure that you’re coordinating with the tile, sink, bathtub and counter top areas. To make the black really pop, select white or off-white porcelain sinks and tubs. Mixing up with pale neutrals in tile, such as beiges, or smoky grays, blues and greens, can also emphasize the black matte finish and give it a proper stage to shine.

Some manufacturers are approaching the black design with an Asian simplicity with open spouts that almost look like fountains and clean fluid lines for handles and other accessories. Others are moving in a more retro early 20th Century design with knobby star-shaped handles and faucet designs pulled from their Pre-war catalogues and collections.

Be sure to avoid pairing these black fixtures with too many dark surfaces, including dark stained wood. They will add to the challenge of lighting in a log home and require additional spotlights to illuminate dark on dark motifs.

Whichever the selection, these little black faucets will add a sleek elegance to your log home.