Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is constantly looking for ways to build homes greener in ways that make sense for our customers. One new wood product-based insulation from TimberHP by GOLab in Madison, Me,  will soon be available in the US when production begins in 2023. This insulation made from wood chips is widely used in Europe for insulation as a greener alternative to petroleum-based foam or fiberglass. With Maine’s established forest products industry, developing manufacturing for Timber HP products was an all-around win for Maine, the environment and homeowners.

How Does Timber HP work with the Energy Envelope System?
In wall construction, the Energy Envelope System currently uses Thermax class A board to provide the desired level of insulation as well as a fire rated barrier for extra protection. In Katahdin’s Roof Systems Class B Wall board will provide the insulation required. Timber HP will produce a Class B ASTM fire rated board in 2023, followed by a Class A board treated with fire retardant. The TimberHP boards are tongue and groove 4×8 foot, square-edge boards for continuous insulation barriers. The boards perform well as water resistant hydrophobic and vapor open. Excellent compressive strength also adds to structure stability within the Energy Envelope system.

The TimberHP batt product is a flexible press-fit cavity insulation comprised of refined wood fiber, binders, and fire retardant to create a dense high R-value per inch insulation. It performs well as both a thermal and acoustic solution for areas where a fiberglass batt might be used.

Adding a Greener Approach
Several factors go into a product’s environmental benefits. TimberHP wood-based insulation products rely on Maine’s nearby abundant wood product resources, a dedication to sustainable water and wastewater management and solid waste recycling. By bringing this eco-friendly product to the US, factors such as carbon footprint from long transport distances is dramatically reduced. The new manufacturing plant is also located at the site of a former paper mill, returning much needed jobs to a central Maine Community.

If this is a product you’d like to explore for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home, let us know and we’ll check for availability.