Insulating your log home has more benefits than energy efficiency alone.

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the Daylight Savings Time transition okay. As the days are getting shorter and colder, now’s a good time to talk about today’s tip. So, let’s get right to all the reasons for today’s Trade Tip: Insulate Your Log Home.

The first reason will seem obvious, for comfort. Insulated homes are warmer, both because they hold more residual heat from the sun and because they’re easier (and cheaper) to heat using secondary sources. Many of our customers live in zones where insulation isn’t just recommended but required. And the improved efficiency in your home doesn’t only pertain to warm air but also cool, saving you money on air conditioning in the hot months.

Our Energy Envelope System makes building easier when it comes to your wiring and plumbing.

But what if you live in a zone that doesn’t require insulation? Are there still benefits to using our Energy Envelope System to insulate your log home? The answer is a resounding YES.

When you use our Energy Envelope System on the interior of the exterior walls, it also means that you don’t have the usual log home struggle with installing wiring and plumbing. Instead of having to meticulously plan every outlet in advance and then drill through the logs to pull wires, the wiring can just sit on top of the insulation before the interior walls are installed. This also means your plumbing isn’t relegated to interior walls and floors only which makes planning your bathroom and kitchen easier. And the time savings from the reduced labor will cut building costs.

Insulating your log home also means you can play with different interior finishes like sheetrock to add a pop of color.

“But what about the logs? I want it to LOOK like I’m living in a log home!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you here too. The most popular finishing on the inside of the Energy Envelope system is cedar tongue and groove paneling, which can be planed flat or rounded to present a log wall finish. Feeling creative? Finish some walls with painted sheetrock, tile, or stone for contrast. Thanks to the Energy Envelope System the possibilities are endless.

Your dealer can talk to you more about all the benefits of adding insulation to your log home, including how our base Energy Envelope System can be added to your package at no additional cost. Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Trade Tip and we’ll see you next week!