Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Today we’re going to talk about one of the most exciting days of your log home process, delivery day. After months of planning, it is finally time to receive your logs. Let’s read about how to make this day seamless in today’s Trade Tip: Make Sure You’re Ready for Your First Delivery.

Your first delivery is an exciting and important day. There’s a few things you can do in advance to ensure it goes smoothly.

During the course of your home construction, you will have numerous deliveries made to your build site. Your Katahdin package will generally come in 2 loads, plus you’ll have your window and door delivery, as well as any additional building materials your design may need. But arguably the most important delivery is your first. Being prepared for this first delivery will make everything run more smoothly. So how do you prepare for that?

First, coordinate with your builder and dealer to make sure your site is prepped. There should be an area of land cleared to place the log bundles with skids to protect them from the ground. You should have a forklift on site to unload the truck. Speaking of the truck, can it fit up your driveway? You’ll want to have a plan in place to ferry the log bundles up if it’s not.

Coordinate with your dealer and builder to make sure your site is prepped and ready to unload.

Second, have you coordinated payment for your delivery with your bank? Unless you’ve paid for your log package in advance, you’ll be expected to have a check for the delivery driver. Some banks prefer to handle this via wire transfer which you’ll want to have taken care of before your delivery arrives.

Last, it is extremely important that someone is taking inventory as your bundles are unloaded. In most cases, it is your dealer who will handle this but if you’re doing a self-build this responsibility will fall on you. If anything is incorrect or missing, it is important that you note it before you sign for the delivery so we can address it as soon as possible.

As with almost everything, a little prep work in advance will make the whole project run smoother. As you get closer to your own Delivery Day your dealer and Katahdin will help you make sure everything is ready to go. Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Trade Tip Tuesday and we’ll see you next week!