Planning ahead for technology you may want in the future will save you time and effort.

Good afternoon everyone! Depending on where you’re reading this from, you could be experiencing some tricky weather right now. We hope everyone’s been able to stay safe and warm on this Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday, it’s time to get into our Trade Tip! So, let’s do that with Proof Now for Future Technology.

Prepare your house for solar now even if you’re not sure when you’ll want it.

When it comes to technology use in your home, there may be some areas where you’re interested in going to in the future but aren’t quite ready for yet. Take solar power for instance. If it’s something you’re interested in, but not committed to right now, there are things you can do (like adding conduits for wiring) during the build of your new home to make it easier to add solar in the future.

Smart Home Technology is another area where you can plan now to save time and effort later. Even if you’re not sure right now how far you want to go, it’s a pretty good bet at this stage that every room in your house could benefit from internet. And not just for online shopping either. These days you can get “smart” anything, from refrigerators to crock pots, thermostats to basement monitoring systems. Putting an Ethernet connection in each room now makes it easier to add more smart devices in the future.

With smart homes technology you’ll want to plan for way more connections than just streaming.

These extra Ethernet connections will also assist with Wi-Fi Bandwith if it becomes a problem with all your smart devices. You can add a separate router to handle your appliances so they don’t interrupt your Netflix streaming. This also has the bonus of being safer because your appliances (which usually have fewer security safeguards in place) won’t be connected to your phone and computer’s sensitive information.

Have a chat with your dealer about these and other areas where you can plan ahead. They’ll be able to work with Katahdin’s design team and your builder to highlight other areas that can be future proofed. Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Trade Tip and we’ll see you next week!