Maintaining your cedar log home doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another Trade Tip Tuesday! Today we’re going to talk about something that we get asked about a LOT in the log home industry. So, let’s get right into today’s tip: Regular Attention Makes Maintenance a Breeze!

One of the most constant questions we hear is “aren’t log homes really hard to maintain?” This question is usually coming from thinking of pine log homes which can be very high-maintenance due to the tendencies of the logs. Cedar’s properties address a lot of those concerns: they are naturally insect- and rot-resistant and are drier which means they do not warp or shrink at the same rate as pine.

The type of stain you use will have the biggest influence on your exterior maintenance.

So, how do you maintain your cedar log home? Quite easily when you give it regular attention. The biggest part of your home that you’ll be working to maintain is the stain on your logs. There’s no set number of years in which you’ll have to re-stain, it comes down to a bunch of factors. First, the manufacturer of the stain will give you a range of years for the lifetime of the stain. Then, depending on how much sun your home gets, some sides of your home may be on the earlier side of that range and others are later.

Speaking of stain, there are two kinds available and they are maintained differently. Water-based stains basically form a seal on top of the wood. When they start to peel/crack, they have to be removed from the logs either by sanding or blasting before you can re-stain the area. Oil-based stains on the other hand soak into the wood. This means that as they fade you can just re-apply in the needed areas without sanding or blasting, a simple wash first is all you’ll need.

Just a few additional action items each spring will keep your log home in great shape!

The rest of your home’s maintenance is no different than any other home and can be addressed through regular attention. Each spring it’s a good idea to walk around and take a good look at specific areas. On the roof, have any shingles been lost to winter? Does the flashing around your chimney need to be tamped down? How are your porches and decks? Often, they get the brunt of the water (especially if you’re in a snowy area) so test out those boards and feel for softening. It’s also a good idea to make sure your gutters are always clear of debris so the water falls where you want it to. Finally, keep any vegetation around the house trimmed back so air can circulate.

Your dealer and builder will be able to give you more information on your particular home at the end of the build. But with a little regular attention, maintaining your Katahdin Cedar Log Home doesn’t have to be a crazy undertaking. Thanks for tuning into this week’s Trade Tip and we’ll see you next week!