Large furnishings for log homes can be relatively easy to find, but when it comes to the everyday little tools and implements, it’s a little harder to move beyond plastic and disposable.

We found a nifty online resource for those hard-to-find well-handcrafted items, Brook Farm General Store. The site is arranged by room: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and so on. Each “room” of goods shows a collection of vintage-style goods featuring hardwoods, natural fibers and classic design.

Especially nifty are the brushes for most imaginable uses: nail brushes, scrub brushes, pastry brushes, bottle cleaners and back scrubbing brushes. The kitchen section of the website displays fine hardwood cutting boards, clean and simply designed off-white crockery, candles and linens. They also offer wrought iron hooks and other hardware, as well as woven baskets, shopping bags and other classic items for everyday use.