Water heaters are often a drain on your home’s energy reservoirs so examining your water heating options is a good idea to keep future costs down. A new entry into the high efficiency arena is Rheem’s ProTerra hybrid electric water heater — rated as four times more efficient than the average electric water heater.

Heat Pump for Extraordinary Water Heating
The water heater’s heat pump is designed in a semicircular shape to maximize the heat transfer to the refrigerant as possible. Despite its name, the refrigerant is the component that actually heats the water for instantaneous hot water.

Water Heater as Energy Storage
For homeowners with time-of-use utility rates or photovoltaic solar panels, Rheem’s ProTerra can act like a large battery, drawing power for heating water when energy costs are low or solar power is abundant, then releasing the heated water as needed during peak times, or at night. The ProTerra offers time-of-use programming to maximize the efficiency based on your family’s needs, electric rates and solar availability.

Leak Detection for Peace of Mind
Leaks from water heaters can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. Fortunately, Rheem has included a leak detection system within the ProTerra water heater to alert homeowners to leaks, as well as leak prevention. The water heater’s system includes an automatic shutoff that limits water loss to no more than 20 ounces to prevent catastrophic leaks.

Stay Connected with EcoNet
Keep tabs on your water usage with the ProTerra’s built-in wi-fi and EcoNet smart water heater technology. Program remotely for unexpected high demand when holiday guests arrive. The EcoNet allows you to schedule set-point adjustments using five different settings, including energy saver, heat pump, electric, high demand and vacation.

Reframing the way your water heater works as part of your home’s overall energy system can provide energy and dollar savings for Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners installing Rheem’s ProTerra water heater.