she shed log home outbuildingThe popularity of “man caves” as a retreat for the sports fans on game days has led to a similar, though slightly quieter, movement from their female counterparts. The concept plays out in the emergence of “She Sheds,” petite, free-standing structures that provide a getaway to enjoy their own passions.

 Building a log home provides the opportunity to add a small log shed that can be outfitted and decorated to match the style and interest of the lady of the house. Hobbies such as scrapbooking or sewing, painting or writing, yoga or book clubs can all be enhanced by a delightful small space.

Here are some tips to make your She Shed a great escape in your own back yard!

  • Check code requirements. Small outbuildings may require certain building standards, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right the first time. Electrical and plumbing will need to be inspected along with the main house. Some towns require foundations for outbuildings, so you might want to have a  foundation poured when the concrete truck is there for the main house.
  • Don’t skimp on comfort. Insulation is an inexpensive improvement that will keep this stand-alone abode cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Good windows and doors can ensure the She Shed is inviting and useful year-round.she shed design idea
  • Surrender to whimsy! Colorful paint and fabrics, comfy second-hand furniture, and decorative flourishes add charm to the escape spot. Consider adding little window box planters for a color boost.
  • Make sure there’s enough room. If your retreat activity involves yoga, make sure there’s enough room to spread your mat out. Installing French doors that can open out and expand to a small patio will make the space feel larger.
  • Don’t skimp on lighting. Especially if reading, writing or close work is part of your plan, you’ll want to plan for good overall spot lighting. Add small exterior fixtures next to the doors to add a welcoming ambiance.
  • Built-ins and storage. A fold down desk, bookshelves, and window seats with storage below are all ways to maximize your activities in the She Shed.
  • Take care of refreshments. Include a little dorm fridge or wine cooler unit to store beverages and snacks while relaxing in your retreat.

Get ready to plan your own retreat! Can you picture one of these nestled outside of a Katahdin log home? Take a look at a few outdoor living design ideas to start planning!