Anyone who uses wood or pellets to heat know the transportation of logs to the hearth is a chore that no one enjoys. One homeowner decided that the trips up and down his narrow antique farmhouse stairs for wood was too much. So Bruce Fowler designed the Woodwaiter, an electric powered system to move wood between floors, easily and safely. Since that first prototype Bruce and his company, W.B Fowler, have developed a streamlined solution to transporting fuel groceries or other inanimate objects from a lower floor to an upper from a lower level to the main living level.

The Woodwaiter can be ordered in various sizes to fit 16” or 24” wood and can be installed to any comfortable loading height.  The unit is completely assembled, tested, then partially dismantled for shipping.  The Woodwaiter is installed simply by a handy homeowner and is mounted on joists from the ceiling, without touching the lower floor.

Safety with any heavy lifting is an important feature. Woodwaiter is powered by a 1/3 hp electric motor with a 7 amp circuit breaker on 110v AC. It’s operated by a momentary key switch that must be held in the “on” position for raising or lowering the basket. The key locks the unit securely when the key is removed. The circuit breaker trips if the load exceeds the 200 lb limit.  W.B. Fowler provides plans for various access doors and treatments for the upper terminus of the basket.

Another application for warmer weather climates in flood zones is a handy transporter for items in homes built on stilts or different levels with a walk-out basement. The company completes your order and ships to your door within a 2-3 week turnaround.