Many homeowners are looking for flooring options that don’t compromise indoor air quality. Wool carpeting is one way to avoid the VOCs contained in man-made flooring and carpets. Many wool carpeting options are available, including wool oriental carpets, and contemporary wool carpets with splashy geometric designs.

But one new option for wall-to-wall carpeting is the natural wool carpets available from suppliers based in the U.S. The companies we found market carpets made from wools from Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, famous for their lamb and wool exports.
If your home requires an all natural carpet with natural adhesives, wool fibers and natural hemp or cotton backing, then EcoChoices may be the place to shop. They offer four natural colors from a soft cream, sand, a mixture of the sand and cream fibers called “granite,” and “ursus,” a deep bluish, charcoal color (left).

Another manufacturer, Hibernia Woolen Mills offers a broad range of textures, weaves and colors, both natural fiber colors and vibrant dyed carpets. Their company promotes the sustainability of wool products, and offer expert tips on wool carpet cleaning as well.

If you are not as sensitive to VOCs, other commercially produced–but not “all-natural”—wool carpets may be a less expensive option.  These conventional wool carpets may contain dyes or backings that emit small amounts of VOCs. However, because wool is naturally resilient and stain resistant, many wool carpets aren’t treated with the stain resistant chemicals that can cause discomfort for those people with respiratory difficulties.As a result, conventional wool carpet still remain an money-saving option for some families wishing to reduce the level of VOCs in their homes.