When planning the plumbing fixtures in your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home, you may want to consider some upgrades that are easy to plumb now but can be more costly to retrofit. We selected some of the top plumbing upgrades to check out.

Canine Comfort
For families with pets some tasks can be made easier with some plumbing upgrades. One popular idea for dogs who just can’t stay away from mudpuddles is a dog washing bay in your laundry or mudroom. An extra drain, hot- and cold-water access can set up a great spot for taking care of dogs — and cats!— when they get dirty. It’s a good idea to elevate the floor to make it easy on your back. Include a handheld sprayer and a partial barrier to keep water contained. Adding a hook to attach a lead can keep your pup inside the enclosure during the bath.

Pot Filler for the Gourmet Cook
One great feature seen in many high-end gourmet kitchens is a pot filler spigot installed in the area directly behind the stove. You’ll only need a cold-water line for this plumbing update as the stove is right there for heating. Pot fillers that come with fold-away features are especially convenient to use, then tuck away against the backsplash. Be sure to measure your largest pot height to allow for clearance for the pot filler spigot!

Healthy Upgrade with a Steam Shower
If personal wellness routines are a part of your lifestyle, why not consider a steam shower in the master bath? New technology and steam shower packages make installation in new construction a breeze. You’ll also be able to design in waterproofing and appropriate ventilation to keep moisture from building up. One company, Thermasol, offers packages for most budgets, with an online configurator tool to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Outdoor Shower
Adding an outdoor shower can make a lot of sense if your active family does water-related activities. An outdoor shower is a great place to clean off beach sand, chlorinated pool water or muck from mountain biking. If your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is a vacation home, an added shower also can help handle guest overflows. Outdoor showers should have hot-and cold-water access, as well as accommodation for greywater drainage. Equip your shower with an enclosure, shelves and hooks for the basics. Your imagination can add ambiance to make the outdoor shower plumbing upgrade experience magical.

Aquor Outdoor Faucet Hookups
How many times have you struggled with an outdoor faucet—attaching hoses, applying washers to avoid leakage and problems with freezing? These spigots haven’t changed much over the years. A new innovation from Aquor Water Systems offers a new system of accessing water on the exterior of you home, with plug and spray ease of use. The Aquor house hydrants are available in multiple configurations for installation on the side of a house, inground on patios or near locations where water access is important. The company offers freeze protections for colder climates. For new construction, Aquor recommends their V2 hydrants for maximum performance.

Like many home upgrades, new construction of your Katahdin Cedar Log Home makes it easier and more cost effective when plumbing upgrades are planned in advance. Be sure to consult with your plumber to determine the viability in your home design for upgrades like these.