While we’re crazy about our cedar tongue-and-groove interior finishes in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, not everyone is a fan of the all-wood look. That’s one of the big benefits of our Energy Envelope System—superb energy efficiency and design flexibility. If you’re wondering what might be installed in place of the cedar paneling, we’ve got some ideas!

Drywall — Gypsum board drywall is probably the easiest and most flexible interior wall finish. Drywall can be finished with paint or wallpaper and is easy to update with for a broad array of colors and styles.

Shiplap — A popular trend in many home design television shows, “shiplap” consists of horizontal flat paneling boards that are finished with paint, often a lighter shade. This is an easy alteration to the traditional cedar tongue and groove finish. opt for flat profile boards instead of rounded profile to create a shiplap effect. Many Arborwall Solid Cedar Home owners select for a whitewash shiplap interior finish for extra bright rooms (see right).

Thin Brick — Brick is another one of those traditional finishes that marries well with the contemporary rustic style of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. One company Brick it offers a broad selection of thin brick sliced from actual rescued bricks so they retain a certain patina and aged authenticity. The bricks are easily applied using a metal panel application system that keeps rows straight and even and allows the thin bricks to be glued to the wall system before grouting. Hard-to-find masons are not required for this brick product. With a wide selection of colors, styles and sources, the possibilities are endless for an amazing feature wall.

Acre — This building material from Modern Mill is crafted from rice hulls to create a seamless wood appearance that is sustainable and durable. One great product style is their edge and center bead [https://modern-mill.com/siding/edge-and-center-bead/] boards that can recreate a cottage ambiance as a wainscoting in a dining room or guest bath. Acre bead boards are paintable and resist water warping, so are a good option for bathrooms.

Corrugated Metal — It’s not just for shed roofing anymore! Corrugated metal is showing up in all sorts of applications including interior feature walls. To install corrugated metal, a wooden frame that is attached to the wall is created to hold the metal sheet. The metal sheet is then attached to the wooden frame. For a farmhouse design look, corrugated metal can add some exciting and attractive dimension to any room. The standard 7/8”corrugated metal sheets can be ordered in a variety of colors from Western States Metal Roofing.

Textured Panels — Enhance standard drywall finishes with a textured panel like this stylized tree form texture made from PVC. These panels can add some visual interest to walls in basements, playrooms, mancaves or media rooms. Installation is made with glue (liquid nail) and cut to fit with a tile saw. It’s still a wood-like finish but offers a different graphic appeal!