Updated 12/6/23

December may seem like a crazy time for a holiday lighting article, but now is the time to plan your Katahdin Cedar Log Home lighting plan for holiday decorations. Take a look at your displays and decorations — both inside and out — to map out ideal placement of electrical outlets.

Christmas Tree Location
Many log home owners place their holiday trees as a focal point in their great rooms, centrally positioned or against a wall. If your tree is oversized, a great location may be adjacent to a loft area to allow for easier access to upper boughs. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes that feature a span of windows provide the perfect frame for your illuminated Christmas tree. Wherever you select, make sure that there are plenty of convenience outlets available to power the lighting.

Other Indoor Decoration Locations
Holiday decorating isn’t limited to the tree, but many families display garland, boughs and other festive ornamentation throughout the home. Smaller trees and tabletop decorations may require additional outlets so that lamps and other electric appliances can remain plugged in. If you’ve invested in a Nutcracker statue that lights up or a Santa that rings a bell, the niche area where the display will be placed needs power. Some other locations that may not normally have electrical outlets nearby include fireplace mantles, foyers and doorways between rooms.

Exteriors All Aglow
With their dramatic rooflines, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes can offer some challenging decorating options. Consider installing small hooks to carry LED light strings on eaves and lower roof lines. Make sure that outside electrical outlets are available, perhaps even installing them near the termination of one of more roof lines. You electrician might be able to place all the exterior decoration lights on one or two circuits in your master panel to provide an easy control switch.

Lighting Decks and Porches
Garlands or LED lights outlining rails along your log home deck and front porch may also require power. Consider placing an electrical outlet on the outer perimeter to avoid stretching extension cords from the wall to the rails.

Outside Landscaping Options
Evergreens, deciduous trees, fences and walls are all potential decorating platforms for enthusiastic homeowners. If your log home will have lighting along the driveway or on entrance posts, you’ll want to have additional weatherproof outlets for holiday cheer. If you’ve identified a suitable spruce or fir in the yard that would make a great exterior decorated  Christmas tree, it may make sense to trench out a remote outlet switch to that location alone. As with many things, it’s relatively easy to accomplish when your licensed electrician is on site and digging tools are at hand.

Festive Music
Some log home owners include music to accompany their holiday displays. If your outside areas have built-in speakers, they can provide entertainment year-round, not just during the holiday season. For the highest quality sound, consider these hardwired All Weather Speakers from Definitive Technology. They are available in a subtle black or standout white and can handle extremes in temperature. The company’s proprietary weather seal defending the essentials from the elements, these loudspeakers boast a class-leading 5-year warranty.