Glass featuring botanicals have been available for quite a few years, but often have a short replacement life, because of fading or delamination. EnsoGlass is new type of botanical glass developed by Oregon-based Bella Fleur  and it is worth taking a look at.

We spoke with Miguel Villarreal from Bella Fleur about their new Solid-Core Architectural Glass, EnsoGlass. It is called solid core because the botanicals that decorate the glass are completely encased in a new patent pending process that replaces the previous sandwich-style, high heat lamination process. “We decided we could make a better architectural glass,” Villarreal said. And they believe they have succeeded after seven years of research and development combined with a complete revamping of their production process.

The new solid core EnsoGlass is fabricated from a proprietary specialty glass and resin blend and offers some amazing visual effects potential. Early tests indicate that the EnsoGlass is more than 100 times stronger than tempered glass, allowing use in both interior and exterior applications. The glass is being produced in ¼-inch sheets for use in windows, cabinets and doors. The company is also developing a 3/8-inch sheet for frameless applications, including shower enclosures. They’ve also developed a louver system to create beautiful pergolas that diffuse light and create interesting visuals in exterior living areas.

The EnsoGlass panels are a beautiful option for areas requiring light transmission and privacy, particularly in bathroom areas or other visual room dividers, such as French doors.

“Because we’ve revamped our production, we’ve been able to minimize waste and become more efficient,” Villarreal said. “That helps to create a true green initiative that works well with our visual botanical image.” The company is in the process of developing double pane windows with Milgard and decorative doors with Rogue Valley Doors. The company is presently in testing for approved U ratings of energy efficiency and is so far pleased with initial results.