ViewRail floating stairsFloating stairs provide an elegant focal point for your two-story Katahdin Cedar Log Home or Arborwall Solid Cedar Home. Using a central fabricated steel stringer, hefty blocks of solid wood and either cable or glass rails, ViewRail floating stairs may be just what your more contemporary log home needs to make it your own.

Steel Color Options
Because each ViewRail floating stairs is custom designed, you’ll be able to configure your stair with a unique combination of colors, materials, rise/runs and landings. The mono stringer is constructed of steel and replaces the three or more stringers used for conventional staircases. The treads are attached to the central monostringer. The railings are supported by posts affixed to the edges of the steps and handrails complete the rail at the top.ViewRail floating stars

Tread Options by the Hundreds!
One definitive element of the floating stairs is the wood block treads which are affixed to the center stringer. ViewRail offers their baseline treads in four wood species: ash, red oak, hard maple and hickory, with a multitude of stain options, as well as clear polyurethane. Other tread wood species include:

  • Choice: White Oak, American Cherry
  • Premium; Sapele, Brazilian Cherry
  • Luxury: Tigerwood, Walnut

View Rail floating stairsRailings in Three Options
Complete the floating stairs with one of three minimalist railing options: cable, rod or glass. Each contributes a different style and look for the custom floating stair.

Online Pricing Guide
Homeowners can try out different options and combinations using the ViewRail’s Floating Stairs Pricing Guide. The pricing tool requires five points of information:

  • Staircase configuration (straight, 90-degree turn or switchback with landing)
  • Floor to floor height
  • Railing on which sides (1 or 2)
  • Width size of the stair tread
  • Linear feet of railing not on staircase

Ultimately your final design will be prepared by a trained professional to fit your Katahdin Cedar Log Home perfectly!