There are a lot of sources for great gardening information to study up for the coming growing season.

There’s an App for that….If you have an iPhone, there are numerous apps for free or purchase to assist your gardening efforts. Here are some apps we like:

Rain Harvest (Real Simple $.99)is a simple app that helps you calculate the amount of rainwater you might harvest from your roof to use for watering your lawn and garden.

(Cartwa Marketing $5.99) is a more elaborate app with video footage and advice and instructions for small space gardening and entrance plantings among many others.

Landscapers’ Companion (Stevenson Software $9.99) provides the serious gardener a comprehensive resource for 1,300 trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and all kinds of plants. The app is useful because it helps to identify various species, provides care and planting information, as well as pictures of the variations within the type of plant.

iGarden USA
(Nanosoft $4.99) helps the vegetable gardener track her garden from seeding to harvest. Keeps track of varying harvest times, helps determine planting for different species based on zones and other helpful information.

Website Gardening Resources
The web is jam-packed with lots of good information about organic gardening for both plants for viewing and eating. One terrific site for someone just starting out is The site offers good information on the basics as well as interesting articles on growing particular plants, as well as an online store for both books and videos.

Another interesting site is Dave’s Garden, which consolidates blogs, seed and bulb catalogues, tools, and other useful gardening information. The site boasts nearly half a million members to help you find answers to the toughest gardening questions.