Natural sunlight is hard to come by in certain areas of homes. Interior hallways, closets and other windowless areas can pose a problem for log home owners who like the benefits of sunlight but don’t want to use electricity to achieve it. Tubular skylights are one option that can help to light interior spaces, but they require a significant hole to be cut into the roof. Another comparable option is the Solaro Day™, which calls itself “the skylight that’s not!”

The Solaro Day™ is powered by a solar panel that provides low voltage DC power to the LED light in the fixture. Once installed, the solar panel transmits electricity to the illuminated fixture via a small cable that requires only a ½-inch hole drilled into the roof. The Solaro Day™ skylight can be installed in just about any location and is not limited to areas directly accessible to the roof the way tubular skylights are. The lighting unit allows broad-spectrum light without any UVB rays that can fade carpets and upholstery. There are two options for the light diffuser, frosted glass or traditional skylight.