One of the barriers to adding solar for many Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners is the aesthetics of solar panels. One roofing manufacturer company GAF Energy now offers a solar shingles, which are incorporated into the traditional shingles for a seamless system to shed water and harvest energy.

GAF Energy’s  new Timberline Solar™ shingles offer an advanced solar system that is not only great looking, but easy to install. No special racks or training, installation requires only a roofing nail gun and roofing expertise to incorporate the Timberline Solar shingles into the shingle roofing system.

Timberline Solar is comprised of shingles, not panels or tiles. These strong solar shingles are ideal for any location as they shed water and warranted by GAF roofing products to withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour. Contrasted with solar panels mounted on a rack and separate from the roofing, these solar shingles are flush with roof shingles and perform the same way that a traditional shingle does. Additionally, without the solar panel rack, your roofing system avoids the dozens of drilled holes through the roof membrane. Typically, any damage from these holes is not covered by roof warranties.

The Timberline Solar shingles have been rigorously tested and been certified by top industry standards, including UL7103 certification through an independent certification company.

The Timberline Solar shingles are easily installed by the local GAF-certified roofers to keep your construction dollars in the community. The electrical wiring connects the shingles through vertical end channels that carry the power to electrical inverters to convert direct current into household alternating current. Timberline Solar is also easily connected to the local utility to access net metering programs, where available. Net metering sends excess electricity produced to the utility where it is “stored” for application to your power bill when the sun is not available.