Wafer thin LED ceiling llights leave thermal barrier intact in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.

One of the drawbacks to recessed lighting is the need for clearance to mount the light’s can or driver. We first spotted these wafer-thin LED luminaire lights created by CSE, a full-service product developer based in Norton Shores, MI, at the 2019 International Builders Show. Their potential for use in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes was apparent. With just 6 millimeters of thickness and remote driver, these Luminaire down lights are perfect for illuminating cathedral ceilings.

Flexible LED Lighting
Of course, the LEDs offer high efficiency, clear lighting, with dimmability to 10% of the total light. In fact, their slim design allows for installation on cathedral ceilings that will leave the thermal barrier intact to minimize any air leakage. Easy to install, the small driver for the lights fits inside a standard junction box. No need for special parts!

The LED down  lights are available in three sizes: 6 inches round, 4 inches round and 4 inches square. LEDs shine a range of color temperatures from warm (2700K) to blue-bright (5000K) in 6- and 13-Watt powers. The lights can be directed in a 30-dregree orientation using their optics in place ofWafer thin LED cathedral ceiling lights are work well in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. mechanical direction allowing you to achieve a wide range of spectacular lighting effects.

Color Options to Fit Any Décor
The LED down lights are available in multiple combinations. These change based on the colors selected for the lens backing the LEDs and the bezel surrounding the unit. Lens colors include: Clear, White, Almond, Ivory, Gray, Brown, Black, Stainless, Clay and Hearthstone. Bezel colors include the same colors except for Clear.

The lights are available nationwide through their distributor iLumigreen, or through CSE directly.