Solo Yukon 2.0

Smokeless firepits are an innovative way to extend the outdoor entertaining season in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. There are several types on the market, and we’ve got the details to help you decide whether a smokeless fire pit is right for you.

How do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?
Nearly all smokeless firepits work the same way to reduce some of the smoke and most of the ash, removing the downsides of a traditional fire pit. Smokeless fire pits are designed with two walls, much like a Yeti coffee mug. These fire pits use the difference in temperature between the inner and outer walls to create boosted airflow through holes in the innermost wall. The extra oxygen gathered creates a secondary combustion of the fire’s gasses— the source of smoke if they are not burned.

Differences between models include aesthetics, and finishes, ease of cleaning and available accessories, as well as weight, great for barbecuing and an investment you would expect to use over a lifetime.

Tiki Fire Pit

Lightweight Minimalist
A simple cylinder and stainless-steel finish make the Solo Stove Bonfire a great choice for easy movement and storage. Its smaller dimensions make it easy to stash behind chaise lounges or in the garage when not in use. The Solo Stove Bonfire is easy to light and load with wood, though you’ll need to select short wood lengths or stack carefully because of the smaller diameter. Adding the Solo stand allows you to use it carefully on a deck.

Solo also offers two other sizes: Yukon 2.0 measuring 27 inches in diameter and Ranger 2.0 at 15 inches in diameter. To minimize flying embers—important in high-risk fire zones— the company offers a Bonfire Shield that sits on the rim of the firepit. Firepits in general should not be left outside without a cover; rain can mix with ashes and create damaging slurry that will shorten the life of the stove.

Breeo Grill Accessories

Looking for Aesthetics?
The Tiki Fire Pit is larger, very sturdy and sits on legs with a vase-like shape that is quite attractive. Its ash plate is easy to remove and clean and avoids the need to turn over to clean like the Solo and other firepits detailed here. The Tiki offers a combine fire pit screen and poker, a nice combination. The poker allows you to pick up the hot screen and rearrange logs. It also has a handy bottle cap remover on the handle. The screen can also be removed and hung on the side of the Tiki—a most convenient option.

Need a Replacement for Your Grill?
The Breeo X Series 24 offers several accessories that allow you to cook on the open pit just like a traditional grill. Starting with a custom post and grill plate and a wide Sear Plate Rim, this firepit really takes on grilling like a pro. Other accessories include a kettle hook and cast-iron pot. While it’s not as convenient as a traditional grill, the extra challenge and woodsmoke flavoring make it a fun option for the grilling expert in your home.

Blue Sky Fire Pit

Rugged Metal Construction at a Lower Price
Blue Sky’s Smokeless Patio Fire Pit is well-built and less expensive than other options. The wider pit opening will take on standard cut logs without having to set up a pyramid.  The ash collection tray is lifted out once all has burned down and cooled and has handles to make this easier.

Buy it Once, Enjoy for a Lifetime
The Burly Scout Fire Pit is made in two pieces, which makes two fire pit challenges easier: cleaning and moving. The Scout has two handles and made of carbon steel with a matte black finish. Burly also offers a larger grade 304 stainless steel finished version called the Gather. These firepits and made in the U.S. and offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Firepits are a great way to bring family and friends together and enjoy the outside areas of your Katahdin Cedar Log Home all year round.

Burly Fire Pit