Bamboo flooring has been a popular flooring for many years, in part because of its reputation as a highly renewable wood product. As with many wood- or plant-based flooring, conventional bamboo flooring may show scratches and wear more than a hardwood surface like oak or maple.

One company has taken bamboo’s green aspect and used technology to create a laminated flooring that is designed to take the hard use that an active family can produce.  Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized Strand® World’s Hardest Floors™ have twice the density of any other hardwood on the market.

The laminate flooring is produced from high-grade bamboo using a proprietary process of compressing and intertwining bamboo fibers. It is then further compressed or “fossilized” into a dense, bamboo fiber block. This fossilized block of bamboo is then milled using precision laser guided machines and cured to produce the scratch resistant final plank.

Cali’s Fossilized Bamboo flooring is available in several different forms: a standard tongue and groove flooring, a floating click and lock system for do-it-yourself homeowners and a wide plank version. Each wide plank is 30-60% wider than traditional flooring and longer than 6 feet, for fast and easy installation and a cleaner look. For a more rustic look Cali offers a “hand scraped” textured Fossilized Bamboo product that combines the superior hardness with a textured finish that mimics reclaimed flooring. The flooring has a 50-year warranty residential warranty.