log home pool option;

Pools: Options and Ideas

If your dream log home includes an in-ground pool, it makes sense to review some of the questions associated with this improvement. Is your family comprised of active swimmers who will use the pool regularly? An in-ground pool is a big investment in both money and ongoing maintenance. If swimming as exercise, kids participating in… Read more »

log home kitchen lighting;

In the Spotlight: Effective Kitchen Lighting

In many houses, the kitchen is the center of a family home life. The kitchen supports many different activities: from food preparation to dining, reading to homework, canning to entertaining. Having the right combination of lighting will make all of these functions easier and enjoyable. In log homes, lighting is particularly important as even lighter… Read more »

cedar log home advanced milling;

Katahdin Form + Function Benefits of Cedar and Advanced Milling

This month, we thought it was important to review just how much the combination of Northern White Cedar and our advanced milling techniques can mean in true savings for our customers. It’s hard to imagine a better combination of quality materials, precision cutting and low environmental impact than what we offer. This combination can provide… Read more »

she shed for log homes;

Women Find “She Sheds” a Great Retreat

The popularity of “man caves” as a retreat for the sports fans on game days has led to a similar, though slightly quieter, movement from their female counterparts. The concept plays out in the emergence of “She Sheds,” petite, free-standing structures that provide a getaway to enjoy their own passions.  Building a log home provides… Read more »

garden gate design;

How Does Your Garden Gate?

Gardens provide a beautiful addition to any home, and landscaping can take many forms. In many traditional-style English gardens, fencing or hedges protect privacy and keep wild animals way from delicate plants. Vegetable gardens also benefit from fencing for protection of crops. Some fences also provide security and safety for pools or ponds. Fences can… Read more »

radiant heat option log home;

Radiant Heat Review: Tips for Log Home Installations

Radiant heat, where hot water is piped through a system of tubing under the floor, can be a very efficient way to heat a home. However, there are some aspects of radiant heat that homeowners should understand at the outset. We spoke to two Maine contractors, Ken Viger of K&J Heating (email here)  in Gray,… Read more »

recycled countertops;

Green Tip: Sustainable Recycled Counters

Many people love the idea of recycled glass countertops. It makes tons of sense and adds a beautiful, durable element to a new home. The downside is that some recycled counter products can carry a hefty price tag. Portland, Maine based company Beachstone is taking a different approach that creates no waste, while offering a custom… Read more »

log home builder dealer options;

Katahdin Form + Function: Dealers and Contractors

Many times at log home shows, visitors to our booth express confusion over Katahdin Dealers, their relationship to Katahdin and the contractors who ultimately build their home. Katahdin Dealers work based on their assigned territory, or as Log Home Planning Specialists from the corporate headquarters in Oakfield, Maine, if there is not a Dealer in… Read more »

rain garden landscaping;

Green Tip: Rain Gardens

Storm water can have a big effect on neighboring bodies of water, even if they are quite removed from your home. A rain garden is designed to absorb and fix large amounts of rainwater, then release it slowly into the soil around it. Rain gardens are a beautiful way to counteract the effects of runoff… Read more »

log home kitchen color ideas;

Kitchen Colors Add Pizzazz to Your Log Home

Log homes can feel darker on the inside, which is why lighting and windows play an oversized role in them. Interiors can become too monochromatic with wood walls ceilings and floors, so it’s a good idea to break up the brown tones with selected color accents. One surprising new place for color infusion is the… Read more »

rainwater caching sustainable;

Water: Designing for the Essential Resource

We noted recently a report that homes in the drought-stricken states of the west have shifted the focus of design from energy efficiency to water efficiency. This trend provides an interesting view into a future where water becomes more valuable and scarce than carbon-based fuels. There are multiple avenues to explore reducing water consumption in… Read more »

land survey information;

Surveys: What You Need to Know

Many Katahdin customers find themselves seeking undeveloped land for their building site. Depending on the circumstances, it is important to know and understand the boundaries of your property for many reasons, including: to be able to comply with building and zoning codes and setbacks, understand what you own, and often to qualify for financing. Since… Read more »

construction water footprint;

Construction’s Water Footprint

In sustainable building circles, much emphasis has been placed on carbon “footprint” calculations: tallying up the energy consumption and emissions from carbon based fuels such as oil, gasoline and wood.  With drought conditions escalating in many parts of the US, many in building and construction are now turning an eye to “water footprint” calculations to… Read more »

northern white cedar;

Green Tip: “Nutrition Labels” for Building Materials

This emerging trend in building supply information is in its infancy, but the movement for understanding the ingredients-chemicals, substances and other information is moving ahead.  The concept is simple: provide consistent labeling on each product displaying its components, percentage content, hazards and other information for things like windows, paint, fabric, insulation and other materials used… Read more »