When considering energy efficient heating or cooling systems, sometimes the units that save the most money also carry a higher price tag. Some state and federal programs can alleviate high return-on-investment costs though rebates or tax credits. Though we’ve written about this topic before, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the options available.

We’ve relied on the DSIRE.org website for a fairly comprehensive listing of local state and federal rebates and incentives for incorporating renewable or efficient products in homes. A notice on DSIRE.org indicates that a new website is under construction for an expected launch in 2014. The downside is that the current DSIRE website may not be as current as possible. As a result, it’s probably a good idea to confirm rebates and incentives with the individual programs before committing to a purchase.

That said, there are some pretty attractive options for homeowners. Katahdin recently teamed up with MESys Energy Systems and their energy efficient wood pellet boiler systems to offer exceptional pricing through the end of 2013. In Massachusetts, one of the states falling within the MESys territory, a state rebate could cover as much as $15,000 of the investment in one of their wood pellet boiler heating systems. Combined with Katahdin’s special pricing it could be a terrific deal! Click here for details of the MESys offer, and click here for details about the Massachusetts “Commonwealth Small Pellet Boiler Grant Program.”

We encourage you to visit the DSIRE.org site, click on your state and see what residential programs for energy efficiency might be available for your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home!