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Cedar vs. Pine


Freeman HomeWe are 110% happy with our log home and are really enjoying doing the interior carpentry and other finish work ourselves.

There was no shortage of materials with the complete kit provided by Katahdin and we are making full use of it. In addition, we are incredibly glad we went with Katahdin. We recently went back to look at a log cabin kit by the other manufacturer which was under construction when we made our decision. Well, it's a great feeling to know you made the right choice. Having no regrets is a great place to be.

Dave Reis & Nancy Freeman

A tree is a tree - what's the difference?

In short, the species of tree you choose for your log home can make a huge difference. Northern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) provides many advantages over pine, a commonly used wood in log homes.

Rot Resistance & Insects

Water Content


Thermal rating (R-value)

The R-value is used to measure how well a material resists the flow of heat through it.

Thermal Mass Factor

Another measure is Thermal Mass, which reflects a material's density (in pounds per cubic foot) and its specific mass. The higher the R-Value/Thermal Mass Factor, the easier your home is to heat.



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