Log & Learn | Ohio

Join us for a great educational event in Thornville, OH — just 30 miles east of Columbus — where our log home experts will cover a wide range of topics including: designing your log home; selecting sites; energy efficiency; financing and a variety of other topics.  During the seminar, we’ll take you on a tour… Read more »

Arborwall interior;

Introducing… Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes

So what happens when you take more than four decades of log home construction technology and reimagine how a log home might look in a more contemporary setting? We have the answer, and it’s Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes: all the benefits of whole log homes, without the traditional rustic appearance. This is a new custom-built… Read more »

power outage snow;

Power Outages: Generators & Batteries

It’s no secret that many log homes are built in areas that are more prone to power outages than your average suburban neighborhood. Whether your log home is situated in the country or in a more suburban setting, losing power can evolve from a short-term nuisance to a costly problem quickly. That is why many… Read more »

sourcing reclaimed wood;

Sourcing Reclaimed Wood

Many log home owners look for unique wood accents to complement their beautiful log walls. Sourcing reclaimed wood is one way to accomplish this. We spoke with Todd Morrisette of DeadHead Lumber in Buxton, Me., to get some insights on where and how to find reclaimed and recycled wood. Morrisette offers three types of reclaimed… Read more »

Blind corner kitchen cabinets;

8 Ways to Plan Kitchen Cabinets for Maximum Utility

If you’ve never ordered kitchen cabinets, you may be surprised to learn of the wide array of options.  Kitchen designers are pulling tips from celebrity chefs, features from commercial kitchens and responding to a changing landscape of kitchen products to provide some really nifty new ideas. Here are eight ideas to make your kitchen super… Read more »


Green Tip: The Little Things

Sometimes the big stories of energy savings drown out the little innovations that can collectively make a real difference. We found two LED products that are really innovative. The first is the Phillips Soft White A19 LED light bulb that can save up to 80% in energy and replaces a 60W traditional incandescent. The light… Read more »


Solar Power Update

Early adopters of solar energy have been fortunate to be able to access the 30 percent federal tax credit for installed systems. This credit, along with other state and local incentives, has driven a growing solar power industry. But it may soon come to an abrupt end as the tax incentives are set to expire… Read more »


Hammock Heaven

Hammocks are a true definition of relaxation on a summer’s day. Hammocks are also a natural for a log home porch, deck or yard. Hammocks offer up a refuge to read, listen to the birds or dream away. Log home owners seem to like traditional classics, and so we start with the classic Pawley’s Island… Read more »


Katahdin Form + Function: Residential Elevators

Once considered a luxury, many couples of more moderate means are investing in home elevators. The growing trend of “aging in place” has only added to the rising popularity of elevators. A survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders recently said that 1 in 4 homeowners listed elevators as a desirable or essential feature,… Read more »