Trade Tip Tuesday – Use Future Upgrades to Stay Under Budget

Hey there and a very happy Trade Tip Tuesday for you! We were off last week getting prepared for Saturday’s Logapalooza but we’re back now and ready to offer a new tip. So, let’s dive right in! Today’s tip was inspired by conversations we had with people at Logapalooza and is: Use Future Upgrades to… Read more »


Selecting a Sauna for Your Log Home

Saunas can offer a relaxing addition to your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Saunas offer many health benefits and can help to ease everyday stress through relaxing heat. One enjoyable component to designing your own custom log home, is that you can easily add custom upgrades like a sauna that may not have fit in… Read more »


Don’t Miss This Logapalooza! Plus, Three More Shows this Fall

Our comprehensive weekend-long Logapalooza is a great way to get hands-on knowledge you need to make your Katahdin  Cedar Log Home a reality. Like other log home shows, these events are a great way to drill down into the log home lifestyle. When you visit any Katahdin event, you can count on honest and expert… Read more »


Green Tip: Bathroom Ventilation Update

Good ventilation is an essential component of a well-designed bathroom. Because Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are well-sealed, it’s important to ensure moist, warm air is ventilated out of your bathrooms. There’s some great new ventilation technology that can keep your bath nice and dry all year round. Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fan Available in several models… Read more »


Should You Talk to Your Bathroom?

A talking mirror may once have been the stuff of fairytales, but Kohler’s Konnect suite of products take your bathroom dialogue to a new level. Let’s take a look at the suite of products newly available to make your bathroom respond to your smallest request. What’s Driving the Experience? Home personal assistants have been available… Read more »


Five Top Bathroom Décor Trends

Looking for fresh ideas for your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home bathrooms? Here are five top trends for the coming years. Rounded Rectangle Mirrors This is an idea that seems to meld well with the linear effects of log walls. Whether it’s a pair of  tall thin rectangles with rounded corners or a wide single… Read more »


How to Achieve Your Elegant Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers have a lot of benefits working for them. They’re great for keeping your home accessible for universal design, allowing you to stay in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home when mobility becomes a factor. They’re infinitely customizable. And finally, they just look terrific! Start with a Linear Drain Because most walk-in showers have no… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Don’t Be Afraid of Different Materials

Hi everyone and Happy Tuesday! We’re very busy right now getting ready for all the exciting events we have coming up but we’d never forget about your Trade Tip. Let’s get right into it. Today’s Trade Tip is: Don’t Be Afraid of Different Materials! Obviously, here at Katahdin Cedar Log Homes we love logs. From… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Don’t Forget Your Landscaping!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all doing well on this fine Trade Tip Tuesday. We’re gearing up for a LOT of Fall Events and things are busy. (You can find all those events here.) But you’re reading this column for this week’s Trade Tip so let’s get right to it: Don’t Forget Your Landscaping!… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Hire an Energy Auditor

Good Afternoon and a Happy Trade Tip Tuesday to you. This week we’re going to talk a bit about energy efficiency. Why it’s important, when you should address it, and the best way to do so. That last point happens to be this week’s Trade Tip: Hire an Energy Auditor. Let’s dive in! If you’ve… Read more »

So You’re Thinking of Attending Logapalooza

Hey everyone! Last week we announced that we’d be hosting our FIFTH Logapalooza event, heading back to the Deep Creek, MD area on Saturday, October 19th. We love hosting this event in Deep Creek because there are so many beautiful Katahdin Cedar Log Homes there. Between the guided tour, self-tours, and drive by homes, you… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Visit Before You Buy

Good afternoon and welcome back to Trade Tip Tuesday! After speaking for a couple of weeks about financing, we’re going to talk about a more general tip today. It’s one we feel really strongly about for all log home customers. So, let’s get to today’s Trade Tip: Visit Before You Buy. Think about the large… Read more »