Trade Tip Tuesday – Regular Attention Makes Maintenance a Breeze

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another Trade Tip Tuesday! Today we’re going to talk about something that we get asked about a LOT in the log home industry. So, let’s get right into today’s tip: Regular Attention Makes Maintenance a Breeze! One of the most constant questions we hear is “aren’t log homes really… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Plan Your Home to Handle Snow

Happy Trade Tip Tuesday! We’re in the midst of a two-day snowstorm up here in Maine so I guess we need to accept winter is really here. The first big snowfall of the year has done more than give all the kids a snow day though, it’s also inspired this week’s Tip: Plan Your Home… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Make Room for Utility Rooms

A happy Trade Tip Tuesday to you all! Here at Katahdin we’re getting things wrapped up for the week before we take a much-needed break with our families to celebrate the holidays. Whether you’re traveling or hosting at home, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well! Before you head out, let’s get into… Read more »


Seven Springs PA Log Home Show This Weekend + Two January 2020 Shows!

Mountain locations are the perfect inspiration for your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home. The Seven Springs PA log home show November 15-17 in the Appalachian Mountains is sure to provide plenty of ideas and information to help you find your log home destination. If you’re curious about the contemporary look and feel of a beautiful… Read more »

Green Tip: Managing Log Home Electric Loads

One of our most energy focused customers, Troy Brown,  mentioned some devices he utilized to get a handle on energy consumption within his LEED Platinum Arborwall home in New Hampshire. While not everyone is targeting a net-zero energy use in their Katahdin Cedar Log Home, these devices can perform a useful function to identify where… Read more »


Cathedral Ceilings & Efficiency: Managing Airflow

We love the soaring cathedral ceilings that are a distinctive feature in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. But cathedral ceilings get a bad rap when it comes to approaching the heating season. These old school myths about cathedral ceilings can be overcome with good heating and cooling system planning and informed use of ceiling fans to… Read more »


How Blower Door Tests Improve Log Home Efficiency

Katahdin’s Energy Envelope System is the perfect way to upgrade your log home’s efficiency. One aspect of adding this insulating barrier is to make sure that each joint is well-sealed to prevent air leakage. Air leaking in through tiny gaps and cracks can reduce your insulation effectiveness, adversely affect indoor air quality, and make rooms… Read more »


Add Custom Woodworking to Your Log Home

With the affinity for wood that log home fans have, it’s always nice to add some custom woodworking to enhance the wood finishes in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Here are five ways to incorporate custom woodworking without breaking the bank. Pick a focal point Whether it’s the mantle over your fireplace or your front… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Proof Now for Future Technology

Good afternoon everyone! Depending on where you’re reading this from, you could be experiencing some tricky weather right now. We hope everyone’s been able to stay safe and warm on this Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday, it’s time to get into our Trade Tip! So, let’s do that with Proof Now for Future Technology. When it… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Insulate Your Log Home

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and survived the Daylight Savings Time transition okay. As the days are getting shorter and colder, now’s a good time to talk about today’s tip. So, let’s get right to all the reasons for today’s Trade Tip: Insulate Your Log Home. The first… Read more »