7 Hot New Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen designs are becoming sleeker and more individualized—especially in log home designs. While super modern, contemporary kitchen designs may seem like a mismatch for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home, we’ve found seven trends that may translate well in your custom kitchen. Linear Lighting It seems like the pendant light has run its course. New kitchen… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Add Log Rows to Maximize Space

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for this week’s Trade Tip. We’re still talking about design this week. After all, it’s the biggest and most important part of your journey to a log home and there’s a lot for us to cover. So, let’s get right to this week’s tip: Add Log Rows… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Your New Home Should Start with Your Old Home

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to this week’s Trade Tip! We’re going to continue talking about the design process and head right into this week’s tip: Your New Home Should Start with Your Old Home. Designing a new custom log home is an immensely exciting process, but it can also feel very daunting. The internet… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Square Footage Can Be Deceiving

Good morning and welcome back to Trade Tip Tuesday! As I mentioned last time, this week’s tip is going to be about the design process and how Square Footage Can Be Deceiving. Let’s dive in! Designing a new home is an exciting process but it can also be overwhelming. We have hundreds of home plans… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Read Your Contract Carefully

Welcome back to Trade Tip Tuesdays! We hope you’ve been enjoying this series so far, we certainly have. Let’s get right into this week’s tip: Read Your Contract Carefully. If you’re like me, you have hit many an “accept” button on a phone or app’s Terms of Service without actually reading it. And who could… Read more »

Trade Tip Tuesday – Use The Same Floor Plan To Compare

Welcome back to Trade Tip Tuesdays! Let’s dive right into this week’s tip: When comparing log home companies always use the same floor plan. Last week we talked about how there’s a lot of variation with log home companies when it comes to their kits. But the materials list is just ONE of many things… Read more »

Get Your Calendars Out! This Fall is Full of Log Home Events!

If you’re eager to get started on the road to designing and building your own Katahdin Cedar Log Home, these events are a way to dive deep into the log home lifestyle. You can count on honest and expert advice on building, as well as meet knowledgeable dealers from your area. Over the years, many… Read more »

Green Tip: Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Many Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners dream of having their own swimming pool as part of summer fun. But powering the pool pump can dampen the fun when the electricity bill arrives. For homeowners who hope to save energy, Pentair has developed a line of variable speed pool pumps that can cut the power costs… Read more »


GarageSmart Elevates Storage Options

Looking for a great way to store your summertime gear? The folks at GarageSmart have designed some nifty lifts to get bulky gear off the ground and out of the way. Using a hoist cable, motorized lift and simplified mounting brackets, the GarageSmart product line has several solutions for bikes, rooftop carriers and other bulky garage-stored… Read more »

Mega-Arbel spavers transform KAtahdin Cedar Log Home outdoor areas;

Elevate Hardscaping with Belgard Pavers

Hardscaping is a great complement to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home’s outdoor areas. Whether it’s a patio just outside your walk-out basement or a series of terraces for entertaining, pavers provide a durable finish to your home’s landscaping. One company, Belgard has a broad range of pavers and designs to bring your outdoor vision to… Read more »

Introducing Trade Tip Tuesdays

Good morning and welcome to our new blog series – Trade Tip Tuesdays! Each week you’ll see a new post from us with an insider tip to help your log home build go more smoothly. We’ll be covering things from all aspects of the build…including comparing companies, obtaining financing, scheduling delivery, and the actual build… Read more »


Drawer Microwaves—Should you own one?

Microwave ovens have come a long way since the over-the-stove-combo exhaust fan and microwave.  Today’s top-end kitchens feature high-BTU stovetops and a wimpy microwave exhaust fan just doesn’t work. So, where to locate the microwave? A great solution for many custom kitchens is a drawer microwave. Sleek Kitchen Designs Your new Katahdin Cedar Log Home… Read more »