Katahdin Solar REady log homes;

Solar Inverter Update

Solar panels create electricity in direct current, which needs to be converted with a solar inverter to alternating current for normal household and utility net metering functions. There are several different technologies for converting direct to alternation current, and which one you opt for many depend on a number of factors. What are solar power… Read more »

Katahdin Smoke Bush;

Carefree Late Summer & Fall Landscaping Plans

Designing your fall landscaping for year-round color needn’t be complicated: the key is to identify plantings that combine  blooms, foliage and color to keep your landscape fresh throughout the late summer and early fall season changes. We took a look at some options that work well from summer into fall. Smoke Bush (Continus) This perennial… Read more »

katahdin solar ready;

Can Solar Add Resale Value to Your Log Home?

Solar panels are a great way to harvest the sun’s energy and steer clear of rising energy costs for your new log home. And while we don’t often talk about resale value for Katahdin’s log homes, there a lot to be said for improving your home’s appeal when it comes time to sell. The maturing… Read more »

leviton load center;

Green Tip: New Main Electrical Panel Technology

With all the technological developments in our powered-up homes, it’s amazing that it’s taken this long for a new approach to the home’s main power panel. Both power from your utility, as well as converted solar power from PV panels all flow through the main panel to all the circuits in your home. Some companies… Read more »

Winter/Spring Log Home Shows Start Up in January!

It’s never too early to mark your calendars for the log home show that’s close to your home! We’ll kick off the Winter/Spring 2019 log home show season in Nashville, Tenn., on January 18-20. Log home shows like Nashville and Columbus are a great way to become better informed about Katahdin’s dedication to quality, efficiency… Read more »

Smart Ways to Furnish Log Home Lofts

We love lofts in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. They add flexible space to log homes without adding to your overall footprint. Because they’re an open space, often overlooking the main living areas, it’s important to be able to utilize the log home loft space well. We’ve checked out some smart ways to furnish log home… Read more »

Katahdin Cedar Log HOmes Steam punk design;

“Steam Punk” Design and Log Homes

“Steam Punk” is an interior design style that adds late 19th and early 20th-century mechanical or industrial items to accent décor. Steam punk design can be found in lighting, furniture artworks or areas like railings. The pieces are often metal— steel, tin or cast iron— and recall the machine age where inventors were designing great… Read more »


Back to Basics: Log Delivery Day

When your foundation and infrastructure are close to complete it’s time to schedule and prepare for log delivery day. It’s an exciting moment and one that your dealer will coordinate well in advance to make sure all goes smoothly. We spoke with one of Katahdin’s most experienced log home kit delivery truck drivers, Mike Hanson,… Read more »

foundations & infrastructure;

Back to Basics: Foundations & Infrastructure

The first step in the actual construction process is usually building your home site’s foundations and infrastructure. Infrastructure preparation can include many tasks usually completed by specialized subcontractors using large equipment. Some of the tasks that will need to be completed to prepare your building site for construction include: clearing trees and vegetation from the… Read more »

log home change orders;

Back To Basics: Final Plans & Payments

It’s an exciting time: you’ve decided to move forward on your Katahdin Cedar Log Home! Your deposit is tendered, you’ve signed off on approved sketches and you’ve reviewed and signed your detailed contract to create a “job.” The next few weeks will involve activities within the design department for final plans and generating an invoice… Read more »


Green Tip: Indoor Air Quality in a Well-Sealed Log Home

When it comes to improving energy efficiency in a log home, having a well-sealed building envelope is key. The building envelope is the exterior sides, floor and roof— basically any structure that keeps the outside air out and inside air in. Log homes are no different: a well-sealed log home with perform better over time,… Read more »


October’s Logapalooza will be the best one yet!

We’re very excited to announce the next Logapalooza will be held on Saturday, October 20. This comprehensive event will showcase several stunning Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in the Deep Creek, Md., resort area. We’ll return to the great meeting spaces at nearby Garrett College for the seminar portion of Logapalooza, with a cocktail reception on… Read more »