Over the past year, we’ve developed a series of articles designed to walk Katahdin Cedar Log Home buyers through the process of building. From initial design to infrastructure, energy efficiency and landscaping, these 13 articles provide insights and tips to help you navigate the building adventure.

We spoke to experts in every aspect, including Katahdin dealers and builders located across the country. Each offered their particular recommendations and guidance for first-time and experienced home buyers alike.

All the articles are easily searchable on the Katahdin website, using B2B or Back to Basics as a keyword. For your convenience we’ve listed the stories and links below:

Land Acquisition

Determining Your Budget

Needs and Wants

Log Home Energy Efficiency

Dealers, Designs and Deposit

Final Plans & Payment

Foundations & Infrastructure

Log Delivery Day

Log Raising, Purlins & Trusses

Plumbing, HVAC, Electric

Chimneys, Fireplaces & Woodstoves

Interior & Exterior Finishing